Genève Aéroport car-parks : privileges granted to persons holding diplomatic status

REF. CERN/DG-RH/17564 (25 September 2014)

The Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the International organisations in Geneva has informed CERN that the privileges granted to drivers of vehicles bearing diplomatic registration plates, with respect to the use of car-parks situated in Genève Aéroport, are strongly affected by ongoing works.

Car-park P4, situated on the « Arrivals » level of Genève Aéroport, will be closed until October 31st, 2014. Meanwhile, vehicles bearing Swiss diplomatic or consular plates are authorised to park in car-park P5 under the same conditions as car-park P4, but with an access code (already communicated to concerned members of personnel). No other vehicle will be allowed, regardless the status of the driver.

Car-park P5 will be divided in 2 zones, to which the following conditions apply :

  • Diplomatic car-park zone : limited to one day, from 5am to 12am ;
  • Protocol Service area : limited to 1h and reserved to drivers welcoming or dropping off VIPs to the Genève Aéroport Protocol Service.

During the works, drivers are asked to be careful to the signs in place to guide them to ad hoc drop-off or parking zones. Action will be taken against offenders.


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