In the time of the Soviet Union, the Yerevan Physics Institute (YerPI) was an important laboratory with a 6 GeV electron synchrotron and a large engineering potential. During this period, many Armenian physicists participated independently or through JINR Dubna in several SPS experiments at CERN. The institute now has only a reduced level of activity, mainly taking opportunity of international collaborations with CERN, DESY (Germany), and CEBAF (US).

In 1994, a Co-operation Agreement between the government of Armenia and CERN concerning the further development of scientific and technical co-operation in high-energy physics was signed.

Armenia participates in ATLAS and ALICE, and in CMSthrough RDMS as a  Member of JINR. Despite a lack of financial support, Armenia has contributed visibly to these three LHC experiments. The team in ALICE is involved in the development of Grid technology, and has already implemented AliEn locally.

CERN contact(s): C. Schäfer

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