Visitors & Local Engagement

Visitors & Local Engagement section covers general aspects of a renewed and homogeneous welcome of publics on CERN’s sites and develop CERN positive image in the local community.


The Visitors & Local Engagement section has responsibility for providing a coherent outreach offer to the public through public visits, exhibitions, and events for the public both on CERN sites and in the local area. It also helps improving the interface between the Organization and some local partners, such as schools, international organizations, associations, media...The mandate includes in particular:

Through CERN’s Visit Service, operate, manage and develop the guided tour offered to all kind of visitors (children, students, general public, scientists, industries, administrations…): itineraries, reservations, communication, guides, safety etc.

Organize regular interactions with CERN science and CERN people through an annual program, through events both on and off-site,

Organize public events inside the Globe of CERN.

Manage private events organized in the Globe through the Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation.

Manage and operate CERN Reception and CERN’s Public Shop.

Operate and maintain Globe of Science an Innovation building



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