Audiovisual Production Service


The Audio Visual Production Service is part of the Education, Communications and Outreach Group (ECO) within the International Relations Sector (IR). Its main mission is to produce engaging visual products (photos, videos, Video News Releases VNR, film, slideshows, photo-stories, live broadcasts….) in line with CERN's education, communication and outreach priorities for a variety of target audiences (general and specialized). Another important mission of the Service is to document milestones of CERN's life, people and history with photography and video, for archival purposes. The Service also supports other Sectors with professional expertise in video/photo production.


  • Photography and video production and post production, video script writing specialized in science communication, interviewing, video-editing, directing, live broadcast events production, production and promotion of Video News releases.
  • A fully equipped photo-video production studio in building 510.
  • An audio recording facility in building 510.


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