Design & Visual Identity Service

The Design & Visual Identity Service is part of the Education, Communications and Outreach Group. Its role is to define and manage the Organization’s image and to propose a wide range of graphical tools.


Main areas of work of the Design and Visual Identity Service are:

  • Increasing the visual impact of the communication media from CERN
  • Stabilizing CERN visual identity across all CERN media
  • Protecting the usage of the CERN logo throughout the communication tools by managing the CERN Design guidelines website
  • Providing branding, design and 3D animation service for high-visibility items where the image of the Organization is at stake
  • Creating attractive and inspiring digital contents using interactive technologies


  • Corporate reports
  • On-site and traveling exhibitions
  • VIP presentation
  • Events branding
  • Interactive media

Visit the Design and Visual Identity Service website