Exhibitions & Global Engagement


The Exhibitions & Global Engagement section informs and engages the general public, at CERN and abroad, via exhibitions and other activities suitable to inspire interest and to advance understanding of CERN’s research and related topics.


  • Create, update, and maintain exhibitions:
  • Develop new interactive exhibition content, based on state-of-the-art media technology (Medialab)
  • Operate CERN’s traveling exhibitions, to inform citizens in member states and other countries about CERN
  • Conserve CERN’s scientific heritage objects
  • Contribute to exhibitions about CERN and/or particle physics in museums and science centres world-wide
  • Promote the dialog between Arts and Science through the "Arts-at-CERN" programme
  • Support international outreach activities fostering interest for CERN and fundamental scientific research (e.g. IPPOG)