Media & Press Relations

The CERN Media & Press Relations office, part of the Education, Communications and Outreach Group, works to increase awareness of and foster support for CERN and its activities; to promote the interaction of science with society, via the media.


  • To disseminate CERN’s key messages and official communications to the world’s media
  • To be the main point of contact for press by various means and reply to their requests effectively
  • To provide media expertise inside and outside CERN
  • To evaluate and interpret the press coverage and report on the stakeholders’ sentiment
  • To ensure the good image and preserve the reputation of the Organization in the media


  • To host and organise media visits on the CERN site
  • To issue news for journalists from around the world via different platforms and social media
  • To reply to daily journalists queries via email or phone
  • To monitor media coverage and social media
  • To provide and constantly update our diverse online resources
  • To organise press conferences and press events related to CERN’s scientific results
  • To actively participate in scientific networks
  • To provide support at scientific conferences in media matters
  • To organise adapted media training with HR for staff, users and management


Visit the Media & Press Relations website