Visitor & Events Operations

The Visitor & Events Operations section is responsible for providing operational and technical support for CERN’s outreach offer (guided tours, exhibitions, outreach activities in the local area) and events for the public, for the CERN community and for external partners.


The mandate includes:

  • Through CERN’s Visits Service, operate, manage and develop guided tours offered to all types of visitor (children, students, general public, scientists, industries, local, regional and national authorities). This encompasses reservations, communication, selection and training of guides, safety, transport, evaluation.
  • Organise regular interactions of the public with CERN science and CERN people through a programme of events both on and off-site, in particular in the Globe of Science and Innovation.
  • Provide technical and logistical support for CERN events held in the Globe.
  • Manage private events organized in the Globe in collaboration with the CERN & Society Foundation.
  • Manage and operate CERN Reception and CERN’s Public Shop.
  • Operate and maintain the technical infrastructure of the Globe of Science and Innovation, permanent exhibitions and visit points.
  • Operate, maintain the technical infrastructure and coordinate the transport, mounting and dismounting of CERN’s travelling exhibitions.


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