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International Relations

Director for International Relations Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle
Assistant to the Director for International Relations / Departmental Records Officer Catherine Brandt
Departmental Administrative Officer Marika Flygar
Departmental Planning Officer Christoph Schäfer
Departmental Training Officer Christine Fromm
Departmental Safety Officer Gunnar Lindell

Stakeholder Relations

Group management

Group Leader Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle
Assistant to the Director for International Relations Catherine Brandt
Administration Marika Flygar

Host State Relations

Section Leader Friedemann Eder
Administration Natasha Lavy-Upsdale
Nathalie Cimarosti

Member State Relations

Section Leader Pippa Wells
Administration Marika Flygar

Associate & Non-Member State Relations

Section Leader Emmanuel Tsesmelis
Administration Marika Flygar
Natalia Perrillat

Advisors for Non-Member States

North America
Sub-Saharian Africa
East Asia
South Asia
South-East Asia
Emmanuel Tsesmelis
Latin America Salvatore Mele
Jose Salicio Diez
Central Asia
Christoph Schäfer
Tadeusz Kurtyka
Middle East
North Africa
Patrick Fassnacht

Relations with International Organizations

Advisor Olivier Martin
Administration Marika Flygar

Partnership & Fundraising

Section Leader Matteo Castoldi
Corporate Engagement Officer Amaia Elizalde
Trust and Foundations Officer Sofia Papadakaki
TIndividual Giving and Administrative support Benedetta Nirta

Education, Communications & Outreach

Group management

Group leader Ana Godinho
Administration Maureen Prola-Tessaur

Editorial Content Development

Section leader / Head of Editorial Content Development Kate Kahle
Web Manager Sotirios Boutas
Social Media Officer Cristina Garcia Fernandez
Social Media Manager Julie Haffner
Writer Harriet Jarlett
Writer Stefania Pandolfi
Writer Corinne Pralavorio
Web Developer Karolina Przerwa
Administration Valerie Seguin

Exhibitions & Global Engagement

Section leader / Head of Exhibitions and Global Engagement Rolf Landua
Arts at CERN Monica Bello
Arts at CERN Julian Calo
Alumni programme and visits preparation Antonella Del Rosso
Exhibition Manager Charles-Henri Denarie
IPPOG and Outreach activities Barbora Gulejova
Medialab Joao Pequenao
Medialab Athanasios Vasilakopoulos
Exhibition Content Emma Sanders

Media & Press Relations

Section leader / Head of Press Arnaud Marsollier
Junior press officer Julie Haffner
Junior press officer Melissa Marie Jacquemod
Press officer Sophie Tesauri
Press officer Renilde Vanden Broeck
UK Communications (STFC) Stephanie Hills
US Communications (Fermilab) Sarah Charley

Teacher & Student Programmes

Section leader / Head of Physics Education Research Sascha Schmeling
Executive Assistant Ines Knäpper
Teacher Programmes Support Afroditi Anastasaki
Physics Education Research Sarah Aretz
Physics Education Research / S'Cool LAB Alex Brown
S'Cool LAB Technical Support Vincent Darras
Physics Education Research / S'Cool LAB Alexandra Feistmantl
S'Cool LAB Admin Support Zuzana Juskova
Physics Education Research / S'Cool LAB Oliver Keller
Technical Support (IT) Kitti Lai
Teacher Programmes Manager Jeff Wiener
S'Cool LAB Manager Julia Woithe

Visitors & Local Engagement

Section leader / Globe Manager Bernard Pellequer
Visit Service / Guides Dominique Bertola
Visit Service / Local Engagement Francois Briard
Visit Service Alejandra Lorenzo Gomez
Globe technician Philippe Moret
Administration Valeria Pietropaolo
Visit Service Yesika Romand
Local Engagement Laurianne Trimoulla

Audiovisual Production Service

Head of Service / Producer Paola Catapano
Junior photographer Sophia Bennett
Photographer Maximilien Brice
Videographer Noemi Caraban
Videographer / Producer Jacques Fichet
Departmental Training Officer Christina Fromm
Videographer Christoph Madsen

Design & Visual Identity Service

Head of Service / Art director Fabienne Landua
Designer / Protocol Presentations Ewa Lopienska
3D Animator Daniel Dominguez
Designer Esma Mobs

Strategic Planning & Evaluation

Advisors Laure Esteveny
James Gillies
Rüdiger Voss
Alumni programme Rachel Bray

Protocol Office

Chief of Protocol Wendy Korda
Deputy Chief of Protocol Stephanie Molinari
Junior Protocol Officer Louella Hulliger
Junior Protocol Officer Nikolas Rubiato

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