CERN’s Communications Strategy for 2017-2020

This document outlines CERN’s four-year communications strategy, covering the mandate of the current Directorate. The 2017-2020 CERN Communications Strategy was approved by the CERN Enlarged Directorate in February 2017.

In any organisation, the role of communications is to plan strategically in order to enhance the organisation’s ability to operate and achieve its strategic goals. Through communications, an organisation manages and sustains relationships with key audiences and takes responsibility for its reputation.

An inclusive strategy for the core CERN organisation

Communications consists of the dissemination of information by a variety of specialists and generalists in an organisation. So it is that many people communicate about CERN, for different reasons, in many different ways and using different media. The strategy described here does not concern itself with all these strands of communication, but rather with the main pillars of strategic communication that CERN should deliver and in which it should invest its resources. It is thus a strategy for the core CERN Organization, rather than its collaborations (experiments), Member States or users (individuals and institutes). Nevertheless, these groups are often both targets for and partners in CERN’s communication, and thus are crucial participants in its development.

The strategy encompasses both internal and external communication and is underpinned by CERN’s scientific and operational goals for 2017-2021, as defined in the CERN Medium-Term Plan and in the European Strategy for Particle Physics. It has also been informed by the results and recommendations of an independent study carried out by an external partner and, crucially, by input from CERN departments, the communications and outreach teams of the experiment collaborations, the EPPCN (European Particle Physics Communication Network) and IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group).

The Education, Communications and Outreach (ECO) group within the Organization’s International Relations sector will take the lead on the development and execution of the strategy, in close collaboration with the CERN Management, departments and all internal stakeholders.

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