Education, Communications & Outreach

The education, communications and outreach group works to increase awareness of and foster support for CERN and its activities, and to promote the interaction of citizens with fundamental research.


To generate public engagement in science, to produce and distribute informational content, to foster community building and to build support for CERN and its mission.

The key audiences include governments and policy-makers, the high energy physics community, the CERN community, local communities, teachers and students, the general public.

The group covers several areas, namely strategic communications (including visual identity), internal communications, press and media relations, digital communications (web and social media), exhibitions (on-site and travelling), outreach events (on-site and in the local area), teacher and student programmes and education and outreach resource production.

We work with partners across the Lab and also within academia, education and industry in CERN’s Member States, Associate Member States and beyond.


Communications, education and outreach at CERN pass through several channels, encompassing a wide range of activities. These include:

All channels and activities rely on written and audio-visual content (photos, video clips and animations) produced in-house and underpinned by a graphic charter.

CERN Science Gateway, the laboratory’s new flagship education and outreach center, scheduled to open in 2023, will house immersive hands-on exhibitions, education laboratories and host events for publics of all ages, from around the world.