Stakeholder Relations

The International Relations Sector implements the Organization’s international relations strategy to generate and secure sustained support for CERN’s scientific and broader societal missions.

As one of the two main Groups that make up the International Relations Sector, the Stakeholder Relations Group maintains relations and builds partnerships with a wide range of communities in support of the work of the Laboratory.


Main areas of work of the Stakeholders Relations Group are:

  • Strengthening cooperation between CERN and its Member States
  • Maintaining effective relations with the relevant Host State authorities
  • Enhancing links with Associate Member States and Non-Member States in the context of implementing CERN’s scientific and geographical enlargement policy
  • Building partnerships with international organizations and other stakeholders to serve as a voice for fundamental research in global policy debates
  • Generate support for education and outreach, innovation and knowledge exchange, and culture and creativity through the CERN & Society Foundation