Channels and Activities

Communications at CERN can be divided into a range of activities that pass through one or more channels to the target audience(s). All activities aim to be aligned with the goals, objectives and messages set out in this strategy. Thus, when developing activities, the aim will be to create stories and content that will “materialise” the Communications Strategy across tailored channels (e.g. websites, publications, exhibitions, visits).  

The table below concerns the channels and activities for which the ECO group is responsible. It is not an exhaustive list, and does not include communications activities carried out by other CERN departments or groups or by the collaborations, although these are often linked to ECO-led activities and/or rely on core CERN communications channels (e.g. CERN’s website and social media accounts or video and photography).

Channel Activities Target audience group(s)
Digital portfolio (online) CERN websites:,  and those of other CERN sectors, departments, groups, units and sections* Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn


Visits to CERN

On-site visits (including schools)

Guided Virtual Tours

CERN Virtual Reality**

Special guest visits

Passport to the Big Bang

CERN shop



Permanent exhibitions (Universe of Particles and Microcosm)

Travelling exhibitions (Accelerating science, LHC Interactive tunnel, CERN in images)

Visit points: eight existing (SM18, Data Centre, CCC, SC, AMS, CLIC, AVC, ATLAS) and three in preparation (LEIR, AD/ELENA, ALICE)**

Online resources for exhibitions



Public events

Researchers’ Night


CERN Outreach Event 2017**

CERN Open Days 2019

Public and private events at the Globe

All (with special focus on local community)

Audio-visual:  photography, video and animations

CDS with content curation


Stock footage, edited videos

360° photos and videos


Live broadcasts

2D and 3D Animations and lllustrations




Within the Arts AT CERN programme: Collide, Accelerate and guest artists



Visual identity & Print


Branding for CERN departments, projects, etc

Corporate material (business cards, email signatures, etc)

Presentation about CERN for VIP visits

Annual Report


Christmas card




Media relations

Press Office website

Media Management system (clippings, media database)

On-site visits for journalists

Backgrounders/media packs


Media training






CERN scientists, staff and management

CERN Courier

Website (to be restructured in 2017)

Digital PDF magazine

Printed magazine


International particle physics community

Internal communications

"CERN Community" webpages  

Bulletin for the CERN community email

Printed Bulletin

Screens and electronic text displays

E-mails to members of personnel


CERN community

Teacher programmes

International high-school teacher Programme (HST)

National teacher Programmes

International teacher weeks (ITW) **

Development of teaching resources and modules

Physics education research



Student programmes

S’Cool LAB

S’Cool LAB Summer Camp**

Beamline for Schools

High School Students Internship Programme (HSSIP)**

Participation in international particle physics masterclasses

Development of teaching resources and modules

Physics education research


High school students





* In 2017, an ambitious programme to improve the user experience across CERN’s  websites is being carried out, including: creating a new website for the Organization (in Drupal 8); creating a design language and processes for use in all CERN websites; creating a personal online experience for CERN people; and exploiting opportunities under the dotCERN top-level domain.

** New for 2017 / From 2017 onwards