When developing activities and projects, CERN will work closely with a range of internal and external partners to ensure the coherent coordination of communication channels and activities in line with this CERN Communications Strategy and with the communications strategies of our partners.


Partners within CERN:

  • CERN Council
  • Collaborations of the experiments based at CERN
  • CERN departments
  • IdeaSquare and Openlab
  • CERN & Society Foundation
  • Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation

Partners in the Member States and Associate Member States:

  • National laboratories and institutes
  • Universities
  • Funding bodies
  • Business incubation centres

Partners in the Host States:

  • National, federal and local authorities
  • Permanent missions
  • “International Geneva”

Partners in Europe:

  • European Commission
  • EIROforum

Partners in the particle physics community:

  • European Particle Physics Communication Network (EPPCN)
  • InterActions collaboration
  • International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG)
  • European Physical Society (EPS)
  • National physics societies