Web team


The main responsibilities of the web team are to develop, maintain and evolve the CERN home website, to develop CERN-wide tools and services for the CERN community, to enforce the CERN web design guidelines and to provide consultancy and support for other CERN websites. The web manager is the technical responsible and liaison with ICANN for .CERN TLD.


  • Designing, developing, maintaining and evolving the CERN home website
  • Designing, developing and maintaining Drupal themes, Drupal modules and web assets, documenting them and providing guidance on how to use them on the Drupal tools website.
  • Working with the CERN design and visual identity service to establish design guidelines and apply art direction on websites. Enforce the web design guidelines across the Organization.
  • Designing, developing and maintaining tools and services to be used by the CERN community, external companies developing IT products for CERN, experiments and recognised networks.
  • Providing consultancy to the CERN community for building websites. Supporting the Drupal community at CERN with meetings and workshops.
  • Developing design guidelines to provide a consistent user experience under the .CERN TLD (top-level domain).

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