Fellowship: Internal Communications

CERN internal communications have a global reach. The Laboratory’s staff, numbering about 2500, provide a research infrastructure for more than 12 000 scientists of 110 nationalities, from institutes in more than 70 countries.

This fellowship, within CERN’s editorial team, will evaluate existing internal communications, investigating and implementing the most effective methods onsite and beyond. This fellow will write updates on short-term and medium-term CERN developments, such as the restart of the accelerator complex and the commissioning of the High-Luminosity LHC, providing accurate yet accessible information on complex subjects.


  • Evaluating the current internal communications using key performance indicators
  • Developing, with the rest of the editorial team and in answer to the findings of the evaluations, an internal communications strategy to communicate to the CERN community in the most effective and accurate manner
  • Implementing this strategy through writing, editing and posting articles on the CERN website and on its internal communication media
  • Writing, editing and posting articles related to on-going CERN programmes and projects such as the Long Shutdown 2
  • Managing editorial requests from the CERN community
  • Liaising with other CERN services, including translators, for matters related to editorial content


  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Previous experience of creating written content
  • Experience of web publishing would be an asset
  • Excellent command of one of the two CERN official languages (English, French), especially in writing and editing.
  • Basic knowledge of the second CERN official language.

How to apply

Candidates could apply either for Junior Fellowship Programme or Senior Applied Fellowship Programme and must meet the eligibility criteria.

Please state that you are applying for the Fellowship: Internal Communications in the motivation section of the application form.

Deadline to submit applications: 1 September 2020