Partnerships & Fundraising

Supporting the CERN & Society Foundation, the Partnerships & Fundraising Section’s mission is to build partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to spread the CERN spirit of scientific curiosity and promote greater public engagement. 

It develops and implements CERN's fundraising strategy, and coordinates fundraising efforts undertaken at or on behalf of CERN and its experiments, in compliance with CERN’s fundraising standards, including the Ethical Policy and the Policy for the Recognition of Donors.

It collaborates with internal project leaders to enhance and grow the CERN & Society Foundation programme, thus maximising the positive impact of CERN on society.

The Partnerships & Fundraising Section also provides advice and support to donors in identifying the project(s) that best matches their priorities, the most appropriate way of giving, and the way in which CERN would recognise their support.


Governance and Stakeholders

The Partnerships & Fundraising Section serves the CERN & Society Foundation, as well as supports the Fundraising Advisory Board in providing its recommendations to the Director-General.