Turkish physicists have participated in a number of CERN experiments. They are active in ALICECMSATLAS and CAST, and are also present in OPERA and ISOLDE. In the context of the WLCG, Turkey operates one of the Tier-2 centres. Turkish physicists have also participated in the CHORUS neutrino experiment, where they made important contributions to data analysis. Turkish physicists are also participating in the AMS-02 experiment.

In CMS, Turkey contributes to data acquisition, trigger and mechanics for the forward HCAL, while the contribution to ATLAS includes mainly software and testing the TRT detector and that for ALICE is to the computing. For all three experiments, Turkey is also contributing to the physics analysis. A substantial team of Turkish physicists is engaged in simulations and theoretical work connected with CLIC, and Turkey is also providing operators for CTF3.

Turkey became an Associate Member State on 6 May 2015. Turkey was an Observer State from 1961, a status formalised in 1986.

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