After joining the CMS Collaboration in 1997, Estonia’s high-energy particle physics community has been reinforced by the return of expatriate scientists, by new students and by direct government funding. The Protocol to the Co-operation Agreement, signed in 2004, assured the funding required for the particle physics community in Estonia.

A new Co-operation Agreement between the Republic of Estonia and CERN concerning the further development of scientific and technical co-operation and a protocol to this agreement concerning the participation of universities and scientific institutions from the Republic of Estonia in the high-energy particle physcics experiments at CERN were signed in 2010. There is now a small but active group of Estonian theorists at CERN. The CMS team participates in data analysis, LHC computing and the WLCG. Estonia operates one of the Tier-2 Centres in Tallinn. A team of Estonian scientists also joined the TOTEM experiment.

Estonia applied for CERN Membership in September 2018.

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