Community Engagement


The Community Engagement section, IR-ECO-CE, is responsible for CERN’s engagement with the following key audiences:

  • The CERN Community;
  • CERN’s neighbours;
  • The scientific community.


The focal point for internal communications is the CERN Bulletin, which appears on-line and to a limited extent in print every two weeks. Screens at strategic points around the laboratory, information panels at the entrances to the main CERN sites and email distributions supplement the Bulletin. A dedicated newsletter and website carry information for CERN’s neighbours.

The section is responsible for strategic planning for local communications, and works closely with other sections in the group on implementation of communication activity. The main vehicle for engagement with the scientific community is the CERN Courier magazine, which is published six times per year, and online.

The section also manages the Arts at CERN programme, and is responsible for programming flagship public events, including the Sparks! serendipity forum, launched in 2020.