The International Relations (IR) Sector implements the Organization’s international relations strategy to generate and secure sustained political, financial and popular support for CERN’s scientific and broader societal missions.

Target groups comprise Member States representatives, Host State authorities, decision-makers in Associate Member & Non-Member States, international organizations, the wider scientific community, global opinion makers, the media, the general public, secondary-level teachers and students, CERN alumni, the International Geneva community, the artistic community, as well as corporates, trusts and individuals with an interest in supporting the mission of CERN.

The main goals for these different target groups include:

  • Strengthen cooperation between CERN and its Member States
  • Maintain effective relations with the relevant Host State authorities
  • Enhance links with Associate Member States & Non-Member States in the context of implementing CERN’s geographical enlargement policy
  • Build partnerships with international organizations and other stakeholders to serve as a voice for fundamental research in global policy debates
  • Increase awareness of and promote CERN’s achievements and potential in research, technology, education and training
  • Advance public knowledge and understanding of CERN, fostering engagement with CERN and embedding science in mainstream culture through a variety of avenues, including website, social media, publications, audio-visual products and productions, as well as site visits
  • Provide information to the wider CERN community
  • Integrate CERN further into the local community
  • Improve the knowledge of secondary-level school teachers about CERN research and provide them with teaching resources to enhance physics education at high-school level
  • Inspire secondary-level school students with CERN science and motivate them to engage in further scientific studies.
  • Generate support for education and outreach, innovation and knowledge exchange, and culture and creativity through the CERN & Society Foundation and the Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation
  • Provide mechanisms for continuous engagement with the Organization’s for CERN alumni
  • Ensure efficient protocol service for visiting dignitaries