Science Gateway operations Group Structure

The ECO group reports to the Director of the International Relations sector

International Relations Director Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle

Group management

Group leader Patrick Geeraert
Deputy-Group leader Francois Briard

Two sections make up the SG Operations group:

Visit & Event Operation

Section leader François Briard

Visit Service

Niklas Herff (CERN Guides coordinator)
Alejandra Lorenzo Gomez
Yesika Enriquez
The ISS Team

Local Engagement and Events

Loraine Massarotti  and Aurelie Lawaree (Local Engagement Officer and Events Coordinator)
Mélissa Samson (Local Engagement Officer)
Visit Service, Reception and Shop Yesika Enriquez (CERN Shop coordinator)
The ISS Team


Technical Support and Facility Manangement

Section leader Charles-Henri Denarie
&Science Gateway Facility management

Pauline Emery

Science Gateway Technical support Philippe Moret
Gilles Gauthéron
Soteb-Foselev team
Globe Technical support Philippe Moret
Gilles Gauthéron
Exhibitions Maintenance Charles-Henri Denarié
Soteb-Foselev team