Group Structure

The ECO group reports to the Director of the International Relations sector

International Relations Director Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle


Group management

Group leader Ana Godinho
Deputy-Group leader Paola Catapano
Administration Zoe Nikolaidou

Six sections make up the ECO group:

Media and Digital Communications

Section leader: Arnaud Marsollier

Head of Media and Digital Communications Arnaud Marsollier (Media spokesperson)
Press Office

Sophie Tesauri (Senior press officer)
Anaïs Gérard (Press officer)
Smaragda Andrikaki (Press officer)
Sarah Charley (US communications officer)
Stephanie Hills (UK communications officer)

Digital Communications and Social Media Daniela Antonio (Communications officer)
Tyra Kaddu-Mulindwa (Junior communications officer)
Tanya Komanytska (Junior communications officer)
Bianca Moisa (Junior digital communications officer)
Digital Editor Kate Kahle
Web Team Joachim Yde (Web manager)
Prakhar Katyayan (Web developer)
Lorenzo Del Pianta (Web developer)
Almudena Solero (Web support)
Stine Greta Fohrmann (Web developer)
Nivedita Prasad (Web developer)

Editorial Content Production

Section leader: Paola Catapano

Head of Editorial Content Production Paola Catapano
Writing team Ana Lopes (Lead science writer)
Naomi Dinmore (Science writer)
Piotr Traczyk (Science writer)
Chetna Krishna (Junior science writer)
Audovisual team Jacques Fichet (Senior video producer)
Maximilien Brice (Senior photographer, drone pilot, animations)
Ana Tovar Pascual (Photographer)
Chetna Krishna (Producer)
Piotr Traczyk (Video producer)
Marina Cavazza (Contract photographer)
Naomi Dinmore (Producer)
Renilde Vanden Broeck (Iconography, Photo database curation)
Design and Visual identity team Fabienne Landua (Team leader and brand manager)
Ewa Lopienska (Senior Graphic designer)
Daniel Dominguez (Senior 2D and 3D designer, Scientific animations)
João Pequenão (Medialab Manager)
Lucie Novakova (Graphic designer)
Maxime Singeot (Graphic designer)
Alice Duc (Junior Graphic designer)
Simon Vadier (Medialab Interaction designer)

Community Engagement

Section leader: James Gillies

Head of Community Engagement James Gillies
Internal communications Thomas Hortola,
Anaïs Schaeffer
Local communications Andrea Perez-Fernandez
CERN Courier Matthew Chalmers (Editor),
Kristiane Bernhard-Novotny,
Bryan Perez Tapia
Arts at CERN

Mónica Bello,
Valeria Pietropaolo,
Ana Prendes
Xenia Harder

Sparks! Claudia Marcelloni,
Lila Mabiala


Section leader: Emma Sanders

Head of Exhibitions Emma Sanders
Exhibition Development Jimmy Clerc (Admin & Hands-on experimentation)
Antonella Del Rosso (Visit itineraries, travelling content)
Julita Kamińska (Admin & Logistics coordination)
Corinne Pralavorio (Texts & media scenarios)
Iliana Tatsi (Object Heritage Collection & Arts)
Gustavo Valera (Technical coordination)
Patricia Verheyden (Hands-on experimentation)
Audience Research Daria Dvorzhitskaia

Teacher and Student Programmes

Section leader: Sascha Schmeling

Head of Teacher and Student Programmes Sascha Schmeling
Administrative Support Paulina Nicinska
Technical Support Vincent Darras
Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Beamline for Schools & High-School Students Internship Programme Margherita Boselli
S'Cool LAB Gernot Scheerer
Teacher Programmes Jeff Wiener
Physics Education Research Merten Dahlkemper (Doctoral student)
Sarah Zöchling (Doctoral student, S'Cool LAB Team)
Yiota Chatzidaki (Doctoral student, S’Cool LAB team)
Ruadh Duggan (Doctoral student, Science Gateway Education team)
Netzwerk Teilchenwelt Niklas Herff (User, TU Dresden)
Science Gateway Education Julia Woithe
Patrick Thill (Labs)
Anja Kranjc Horvat (Science shows)
Guillaume Durey (Solvay project)
Hands-on Physics Project Daniele Molaro
Margherita Boselli

Visitor & Event Operations

Section leader: François Briard

Head of Visitor & Event Operations François Briard
Visit Service Dominique Bertola (CERN Guides coordinator)
Alejandra Lorenzo Gomez
Yesika Enriquez
The ISS Team
Local Engagement and Events Loraine Massarotti (Local Engagement Officer and Events Coordinator)
Mélissa Samson (Local Engagement Officer)
Globe technical support Philippe Moret
Gilles Gauthéron
Visit Service, Reception and Shop Yesika Enriquez (CERN Shop coordinator)
The ISS Team
Exhibitions Maintenance and Technology Charles-Henri Denarie (Exhibitions Technical Manager)
Vincent Darras
Yann Faugere
Guillaume Lacroix