DS Group Structure

The Diplomatic and Stakeholder Relation group reports to the Director of the International Relations sector

International Relations Director Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle


Group management

Group leader Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle
Deputy-Group leader  

Five sections make up the Diplomatic and Stakeholder Relations group:

Host State Relations

Section leader: Alexandra Ruppen Soussi

Head of Host State Relations Alexandra Ruppen Soussi
Deputy Natasha Lavy-Upsdale
Administrative Assistant Suzanne Chibli

Associate & Non-Member State Relations

Section Leader Emmanuel Tesmelis

Partnerships & Fundraising

Section leader Pascale Goy

Alumni Relations

Section leader Rachel Bray
Alumni Relations, Communications and Support Officer Simona Kriva
Administrative Student Yana Petrova

Protocol Office

Section Leader Stephanie Molinari
Protocol Officer Marina De Piero
Alexandra Ntintifa
Amandine Barring