Stick’AIR sticker for motorised vehicles in Geneva

CERN/IR-REL-RH/19935 - 25 November 2019
Published in the CERN Bulletin 48-49 of 27 November 2019


The Swiss authorities have informed CERN that from 15 January 2020, during periods of high atmospheric pollution, access to the centre of the Geneva agglomeration may be subject to temporary driving restrictions for motorised vehicles without a Stick’AIR sticker for an authorised vehicle category. 

This will apply to all motorized vehicles regardless of whether they are registered in Geneva, in another canton or country with certain exceptions such as: vehicles with handicap stickers; vehicles used for professional transport of persons; bicycles and mopeds, including electric bicycles; and consular and diplomatic vehicles. A grace period for the adoption of the Stick’AIR sticker will be granted up until 30 March 2020. Please note that the French CRIT’Air sticker (see: official communication published in Bulletin No. 7-8/2017 of 15 February 2017) is recognised in Geneva, as the requirements are identical and the numbering is equivalent. 

For more information and to find out which Stick’AIR a vehicle should display, please visit the following websites: and (an English translation will be available before the end of the year).