Replacement of Swiss “Attestations de fonctions”

CERN/DG-RH/14852 - 25 March 2009

The Swiss Permanent Mission has informed CERN that the “attestations de fonctions” issued to certain members of the personnel and the “attestations” issued to their family members will gradually be replaced by P-type “cartes de légitimation” (see specimen copy below). This card's name, together with its more contemporary design compared with old-style "Attestations" issued in the 1970s, will make the holder's daily life much easier, e.g. when crossing borders, renting accommodation or setting up a telephone line.

The Users Office (PH Department) and the Cards Office (HR Department), which are responsible for handling requests for “cartes de légitimation”, will provide information in due course on how they intend to organise the exchange of “attestations” (priority will be given to residents of Switzerland, in particular those requiring a visa for the Schengen area).

In this context, we remind you that the Swiss Permanent Mission is systematically informed of new members of the personnel arriving at CERN.

We also remind you that members of the personnel are required to hold a Swiss legitimation document ("attestation de fonctions” or “carte de légitimation”). This requirement applies to associated members of the personnel only if they spend more than 50% of their time at CERN for a consecutive period of more than three months. However, it should be noted that Swiss nationals and persons sent to CERN by a Swiss home institution are not entitled to hold a P type “carte de légitimation”.

The family members of holders of an “attestation de fonctions” or “carte de légitimation” are also required to hold a legitimation document (“attestation” or “carte de légitimation”) if they live in Switzerland for a consecutive period of more than three months and are not of Swiss nationality.