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Tunnel Linking the CERN Sites: Discontinuation of the (small) 'Attestation CERN'

Ref. CERN/DSU-RH/11998 (25 May 2004);
published in the CERN Bulletin no. 23/2004.

With effect from 1st June 2004, members of the personnel whose contracts with the Organization are too short for them to hold legitimation documents issued by the Host States will be required to carry only the following documents to use the Tunnel linking the CERN sites:

  • their national identity card, if accepted by the French and Swiss regulations, or their passport (with a visa/visas if required by the French and/or Swiss regulations) and
  • their blue CERN card (access card).

The (small) 'Attestation CERN' (CERN certificate) issued by the Users Office or the Human Resources Department will no longer be required.
This amendment to paragraph 10 b) and to Annex 3 of the Rules for Use of the Tunnel (ref. CERN/DSU-DO/RH/8200) is related to the addition of an expiry date on blue CERN cards, which has been compulsory since 1st January 2003, and to the recording of all relevant information in the database used for the systematic checking of tunnel users by means of card readers installed at the tunnel.

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