Brazilian experimental physicists formerly participated in the DELPHI and ATHENA experiments at CERN. Brazil now participates in the four LHC experiments: ALICE,ATLASCMS and LHCb, and one Brazilian institute is member of the ALPHA experiment at the AD facility. Various Brazilian scientists also collaborate with CERN theorists.

Brazil also has a substantial involvement in the Pierre Auger cosmic-ray experiment in Argentina, which is a recognized CERN experiment.

The first and sixth CERN-Latin American School of High-Energy Physics, for postgraduate students working towards a PhD, were organized in Itacuruçá in 2001 and in Natal in 2011.

The Brazilian Federal Government has increased it support to HEP, leading to the signature of an ICA with CERN in 2006. Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (CBPF), U. do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and Unidade de Engenharia e Sistemas de Produçäo (UESP) are well equipped for computing, and are interested in Grid deployment. Brazil was part of the HELEN Network (2005-2009) and participates in the EPLANET programme of the European Commission which started on February 2011.

Brazil will be the 1st Latin American country becoming Associate State of CERN. Following the procedure to become Associated Member, the CERN Council, in its session of December 2013, authorized the Director-General to submit the Model Agreement for the Granting of the Status of Associated Member to Brazil, in order to finalize the admission process.

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