Official contacts between CERN and Bangladesh were established in 2012 with the signing of an Expression of Interest (EoI). The purpose of the EoI was to provide an interim framework to enable scientists, engineers and students from Universities and Research Institutes of Bangladesh to further develop their professional training, in particular through participation in CERN's scientific and training programmes.

CERN and Bangladesh subsequently agreed to conclude an International Cooperation Agreement (ICA). This is seen as being of much mutual benefit for the development of the cooperation between Bangladesh and CERN in particle physics research, technology and education. The ICA was signed in 2014.

As a result of these early developments, the 1st Bangladesh-CERN School on Particle Physics was held at the University of Dhaka in 2014 and students from Bangladesh participate in the CERN Non-Member State Summer Student Programme. A research group from the University of Dhaka has been working with ISOLDE, while universities in Bangladesh are planning to join a research activity at the LHC.

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