There are active experimental groups at the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (INST) in Hanoi and the Institute of Physics in Ho Chi Minh City. The former is active in the Pierre Auger cosmic-ray project as an associated institute, and physicists from the latter have joined the D0 Collaboration at Fermilab (US).

In the years since the signing of an International Co-operation Agreement with the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) in 2008, several Vietnamese students have participated in the CERN Summer Student Programme. Many of these have been supported by the IN2P3 in France, which has a programme for collaboration with Vietnam, and holds regular physics schools there.

The groups from the Institute of Physics in Ho Chi Minh City and the Institute of Physics (IOP) in Hanoi have expressed interest to join the ATLAS and LHCb Collaborations. These intentions are supported by VAST, and by IN2P3 (France) and by the EPFL (Switzerland), respectively.

Vietnam and CERN have expressed a mutual interest to jointly organise schools of physics and related technologies in Vietnam in the future, with the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) in Qui Nhon as a possible venue.

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