Iran has a strong intellectual tradition, which has been manifest in theoretical physics and engineering, in particular. CERN maintained contacts with individual Iranian theoreticians, notably from the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) in Teheran. CERN has hosted Iranian theorists, and several individuals of Iranian origin participated in the CERN experimental programme.

At present Iran is making a renewed and strong effort to tighten its relations with CERN and its scientific community, based on an International Cooperation Agreement which was signed in 2001.

Recently, May 2014, IPM signed two MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), one with CMS and one with CLIC.

The participation of Iran in CMS is coordinated by the IPM. Iran has contributed to CMS by the construction of detector components; presently Iran is contributing to the data analysis and preparing for future Upgrade activities on CMS. The contribution to CLIC is actually in the design of RF components. Iran is also participating to the Grid infrastructure; the IRAN-GRID CA is hosted by IPM.

Almost every year students and teachers participate to the Summer Student and Teacher programmes at CERN.

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