Official contacts between CERN and the Republic of the Philippines were established in January 2009. There is much enthusiasm in the Philippines for collaboration with CERN. Until now, the contribution of the Philippines to high-energy physics has focused on theoretical physics. However, the recent official approach to CERN by the Government of the Philippines and by the physics community is very encouraging for the development of scientific collaboration in experimental and theoretical particle physics with CERN. The signed Expression of Interest and subsequent deliberations may eventually lead to the formation of a sizeable cluster of experimental high-energy physicists working alongside the more established theoretical particle physics community in the Philippines.

The first student from the Philippines participated in the CERN Summer Student Programme in 2010 and graduate students on “sandwich” courses at CERN are being considered. The Collaboration with CERN would be led by the National Institute of Physics of the University of the Philippines. The collaboration could be supported by agencies of the Department of Science and Technology through high-performance computing, as for example exists at the Advanced Science and Technology Institute, and by scholarships and grants offered by the Science Education Institute. Furthermore, collaboration in nuclear radiation science and accelerators could be developed with the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute.

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