Official contacts between CERN and the Philippines were established in January 2009. There is much enthusiasm in the Philippines for collaboration with CERN. Until recently, the contribution of the Philippines to high-energy physics has focused on theoretical physics. However, the official approach to CERN by the Government of the Philippines and by the physics community is very encouraging for the development of scientific collaboration in experimental and theoretical particle physics with CERN.
An Expression of Interest between the Philippines at CERN for scientific, technical and educational collaboration was signed in January 2010 and an Expression of Interest with CMS for collaboration at the LHC was signed in October 2011. CERN and the Philippines signed in International Cooperation Agreement (ICA) in 2018.
The National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman is Associate Member of ATLAS since 2021, and CERN and ATLAS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the institute in 2021.
Discussions are also progressing for the formation of a cluster of experimental high-energy physics groups to join CMS.
Students and teachers from the Philippines participate in the Summer Student programme and the High School Teacher programme.

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