An International Cooperation Agreement (ICA) was signed between CERN and Morocco in 1997. Morocco started its scientific collaboration with CERN in 1997 as a member of the ATLAS collaboration. Moroccan physicists have contributed to the Liquid Argon system by producing precision work on the high-tech anodes (50000 in total) of the Pre-Sampler Detector. Through a special Agreement on scientific collaboration between IN2P3 (France) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique du Maroc, signed in January 2004, Moroccan physicists got an opportunity to reinforce their academic and industrial possibilities and to benefit in a better way from the collaboration with CERN. In this way they obtained access to the Grid via the CNRS centre in Lyon (France) and are now able to participate in data processing for CERN. Morocco hosted a successful conference on ‘Scientific Collaboration across the Mediterranean’ in Casablanca in 2005, organized by the 'Sharing Knowledge Foundation' (SKF) with partial sponsorship from CERN. In 2009 an agreement has been signed between the SKF, Casablanca University and CERN to provide opportunities for Moroccan students to be trained at CERN.

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